Unexpected but Long Overdue – The eZine Springs back…

…as I take a break from the Sunday classes. This break was long overdue. I had been waiting for an year, perhaps two – but we humans tend to push ourselves to our limits before we give ourselves the much needed break – the break that lets blood flow into our veins again and that rejuvenates our numb fingers into action again. I finally decided to say, “yes” :)

Some of you have written to me about the courses. While I’ve tried to reply to every email that I’ve received, in some cases the replies have been delayed by a few days. While I am thankful to you for writing and to some past-course participants for calling up, I assure you that I am ok…and this break is doing me good.

These days I am dreaming up new projects and working on ideas that I never thought I’d get an opportunity to work on – yet, my heart remains shackled to Instructional Design. Because I can’t stop learning new concepts, I probably can’t stop sharing my thoughts on those concepts. This is why the Creative Agni eZine will once again begin arriving in your mailbox regularly – in a richer avatar.

I must also direct you to my mint-fresh Scoop.it! here.

I am still not on the usual social networks, but I hope to remedy it soon.

My Best Wishes to all of you,

- Shafali.

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