Spring brings along the new March 2019 sessions of the IDCD and IDST Courses.

Hello Readers,

I’m glad to announce the March 2019 session of the IDCD and IDST courses. Please go to the respective pages to read the details of the programs.

1. The Instructional Design and Content Development (IDCD) Certificate course for those who write well and would like to work in the eLearning industry or  are already working as content developers/instructional designers in the eLearning industry for up to 5 years. Trainers and Teachers who have less than five years of experience and would like to expand their skill-set to become elearning content developers can also consider this course.

Instructional Design & Content Development (IDCD) Certificate Course by Shafali R Anand(Click the IDCD Course Icon above to visit the page for further details.)


2. The Instructional Design for Senior Professionals and Trainers (IDST) Certificate Course for those who have substantial experience in any of the learning domains (eLearning development, training, academics etc.) This course will help you master instructional design through a constructivist approach that allows you weave your experiences with instructional design principles, methods, and frameworks and empower you as a learning professional.

(Click the IDST Course Icon above to visit the page for further details.)


If you’d like to explore any of the courses, please send me an email on the id given on the course page. For the March session, registrations are on now.

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On April 7th 2019, The Free CICD Workshop

On April 14th 2019, attend the Free TID Workshop.

The IDCD Course – Session Starting: April 21, 2019

The IDST Course – Starting April 28, 2019

Click to view the details of the Instructional Design for Senior-professionals and Trainers Certificate Course.
Click the image to visit the IDST Certificate Course Page.

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