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IDCD, IDST, and REDAC courses – Next Session Announcements.

September 11, 2018

Please note: The IDCD Course: The IDCD Course starts its next session on October 14th: We are accepting registrations for the program now. If you are interested in enrolling for this session of IDCD, please go through the content outline of the page and send me an email. Creative Agni’s IDCD (Instructional Design for Content Development) Certificate Course  ...

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Unexpected but Long Overdue – The eZine Springs back…

June 2, 2013

…as I take a break from the Sunday classes. This break was long overdue. I had been waiting for an year, perhaps two – but we humans tend to push ourselves to our limits before we give ourselves the much needed break – the break that lets blood flow into our veins again and that rejuvenates our numb fingers...

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The Virtues of a Final Read-through of Content can only be understood when experienced!

November 21, 2012

One must, (and I repeat and capitalize MUST,) read through every bit of content that one writes. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible – and only when it isn’t possible, only when one doesn’t do a review due to one or the other constraint,  one experiences the full impact of this mistake. I realized it this morning, when I chanced...

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The Composer of elearning Content – The Programmer

November 20, 2012
The Composer of elearning Content – The Programmer

Previous Posts in this series: The Anatomy of an eLearning Course The Creators of an eLearning Course An Enigma called the eLearning Project Manager The Mysterious Subject Matter Expert The Apparently Omnipotent Instructional Designer Instructional Design Reviewer – The Unsung Hero of eLearning Development The Language Editor – Ironing out the Wrinkles The Silent Magician – The eLearning Graphic...

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Why Courses and Trainings Fail?

July 21, 2012

It isn’t uncommon for instructional designers and content developers to exist in a perpetually anxious state of mind. This happens because at any given point in time, one of their courses or training programs is either being reviewed by the client, or being implemented to their end-audience. The anxiety is natural, because the course or the training could result...

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The Spell Called Motivation – Weaving Magic for your Learners.

February 2, 2012

In all my training programs and courses,  I visualize and use the essence of motivation as the discomfort-toggle, which can be used for sustaining learner motivation. This toggle helps you create and then remove the discomfort of “not-knowing”, and it has the capability to transform a disinterested learner into a curious, knowledge-hungry individual.  It works on the Gestalt principle...

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Creative Agni News Bulletin – ID Workshops, Trainings, and the Rest.

February 1, 2012

Dear Visitors and Readers, On January 29th, I organized a Free workshop called the Instructional Design Primer for Senior-professionals and Trainers (IDP-ST).  This workshop was attended by trainers, training managers, and consultants from IBM, Mckinsey, Educomp, FCS, Wipro, and HSBC. I would like to thank them all for spending some of their precious Sunday time with me. Thank you...

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The IDEAL: Fuzzies – Why is Goal Analysis Necessary?

December 1, 2011
The IDEAL: Fuzzies – Why is Goal Analysis Necessary?

Coffeebeans has been harassing me to present her opinion at the beginning of this post, so let us get her out of our way and then begin In his book, “Goal Analysis” Dr. Robert F. Mager introduces the enigmatic fuzzy with the example of a manager who wants the employees to “communicate a positive attitude towards the company.” “What’s...

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On April 7th 2019, The Free CICD Workshop

On April 14th 2019, attend the Free TID Workshop.

The IDCD Course – Session Starting: April 21, 2019

The IDST Course – Starting April 28, 2019

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