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Creative Agni’s Corporate Trainings and Open Workshops.

November 16, 2016
Creative Agni’s Corporate Trainings and Open Workshops.

This post is for the Organizations and Professionals who are seeking effective training programs in the areas of Instructional Design, eLearning Development (Storyboarding and Rapid Authoring,) and Gamification of Training and Learning content. Creative Agni’s  corporate training programs and open workshops are conducted  in the following areas. Instructional Design eLearning Content Development Creativity for Writing and Training Gamification of...

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Trainers & eLearning – A Troubled Romance?

February 18, 2014

Folks, First of all, a huge Thank You for thinking about me and my training programs. I want to tell everyone that whenever the courses return, you’ll find the announcement emblazoned on this site – All you need to do is stop here once in a while and check. Let us now talk about more relevant matters and discuss...

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Announcing a Sparkling New Course to help you master the art of Developing Storyboards for eLearning!

October 6, 2012

My Dear Visitors and Readers, Before I provide the details of this course, I must tell you about what inspired it’s creation. The IDST (Instructional Design for Senior Professionals and Trainers) course gave me an opportunity to spend the past six months in the elite company of many Senior Trainers and Managers. It made me reflect upon the fact...

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E-Learning – An Introduction: The Changing form of e-Learning

May 15, 2011
E-Learning – An Introduction: The Changing form of e-Learning

  Relax! I am not going to give you an overdose of what e-Learning is. I assume that you already have a general idea of what it is, and that you’ve been exposed to either the good, or the bad, or even the ugly of e-Learning, at some point in your life. Let me begin by telling you what...

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