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Corporate Workshop in Cartooning for Trainers (CT)

This 1-Day workshop is a focused session, tightly packed with relevant, do-able practices and it enables the participants to make spontaneous extempore cartoons to drive learning to their learners in an innovative way.

Main Objectives of the CT Workshop:

At the end of this workshop, the participants would have learned to:

  1. Create quick, simple, but expressive cartoons.
  2. Identity the pockets of boredom in your training programs that can change into founts of energy by using cartooning.
  3. Come up with contextual cartoons (witty visuals) that will enliven your training programs.

CT Program Brief:

This 1-Day program on Cartooning is a result-driven fun workshop that uses demonstrations, individual practice activities, and team brain-storming as the primary vehicles of learning. Through this workshop, the participants add another unique and extremely impactful training tool to their repertoire of training tools and methods, thus, making their workshops and training programs more effective and interesting than that of their competitors. They become proficient in creating and using simple cartoons drawn on the go in their programs.

Though this training has a focus on creating cartoons, it also helps strengthen the visualization skills of the participants.

The Audience for the CT Workshop:

This workshop is for practicing trainers who want make their training programs more fun for their learners.

The CT Training Workshop at a Glance:

PowerPoint Presentations are an awesome tool for data-driven presentations - but a presentation and a training program have different goals - A presentation seeks awareness leading to some sort of decision-making and the assumption usually is that the audience is already interested in it. Training is a different and more complex ball game and it calls for stronger measures than PowerPoint (or along with PowerPoint) as the training audience must stay awake, aware, and interested every minute of the program. (Note: "Death by PowerPoint" is a term that has been around for a rather long time. You might want to try out typing PowerPoint in Google Search to see what you come up with.)

So here's an infographic about Cartooning and how this workshop could change the way your trainers trained.

Creative Agni's Corporate Workshop in Cartooning - Learn to make effective cartoons and transform your training programs.

Download this Infographic.


Our training programs and courses have been taken by professionals working at all levels in various organizations in different industries viz. eLearning, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, HealthCare, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, and so on. Please visit the following link to read what some of our participants feel about our courses/training workshops.


On Completion of the Training Workshop, the successful participants shall receive the Creative Agni's "Cartooning for Trainers" Workshop Certificate.

Why This Special Training Program from Creative Agni?

Shafali R. Anand, the mentor for this program uses on-the-fly cartooning in her programs to make her training programs effective. She is has worked for a number of international publications and indulges in cartooning whenever she can (including her training programs on instructional design and creativity – another passion of hers.)

Over the last two decades, whenever she’s unleashed the cartoonist in her to let her cartoons loose on her whiteboard, they’ve captured the attention of her audience and kept them glued to the content. The trainers in her audience often ask her if she could help them use cartooning as a training tool.

This 1-day program is specially designed and developed for a trainer audience, so that they become adept at using cartooning for grasping and retaining the attention of their learners in their own classrooms.

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