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Corporate Workshop in Content Writing for the Web (CWW)

This 1-Day Workshop will ensure that your web-content team is able to write original, sticky content that doesn't just get read by the Search Engines, but by people too.

Goal of the CWW Workshop:

It enables the web-content writers create high-quality content, ensure its originality, chunk and title it logically, and present it in a reader-friendly manner. This workshop is a session that focuses on dos and don'ts of interesting and inspiring content, and is tightly packed with relevant, do-able practices.

CWW Program Brief:

This 1-day program uses continuous practice and feedback on the go as its main training technique. This program has a strong application orientation and so through the day the participants continue to work on a variety of activities geared towards creation of web-content that is both searchable and readable, i.e., loved by both the search-engines and web-site visitors. This workshop covers both onsite and offsite content.

This training program comprises illustrative lectures, group-discussions, role-plays, quizzes, and other learning activities steered and overseen by the mentor, to ensure that every participant becomes competent in creating content that's readable and immersive. The participants receive continuous guidance and constructive feedback from the mentor throughout the training program.

The Audience for the CWW Workshop:

This workshop is for web-content writers, bloggers, digital marketers who write their own content. The ideal participant for this training program has some experience in writing and delivering web-content, but struggles with the questions, "what is good web-content and how can I write it?"

The CWW Training Workshop at a Glance:

According to Forbes, "There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace." With about 2 Billion websites and almost half the Internet traffic attributed to bots, it's important that we indulge in SEO. However, bots don't take purchase decisions. Humans do.

The following infographic will shed more light on this burgeoning issue and suggest a solution.

Creative Agni's Corporate Workshop in Content Writing for the Web. Create Content not Contentzilla!

Download this Infographic.


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Bespoke Programs:

We also design, develop, and deliver bespoke training program. These programs are created to meet your organization's specific training needs, which may not be covered completely by one of our above programs.


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