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Corporate Workshop in Creativity for Content Design and Development (C2D2)

Creatively designed and developed inspires and motivates the learners by exciting the their tired and bored gray cells back into action.

The 2-Day C2D2 Workshop is creatively designed to enable content writers, instructional designers, and trainers to make their content and/or their training programs innovative and inspiring.

Main Objectives of the C2D2 Workshop:

This 2-Day workshop has two clear objectives:

  1. Introduce the learners to their creative energy (the program plays cupid and helps the participants fall in love with their creativity.)
  2. Empower the participants with a framework/step-by-step method that will enable them to be connect their audience with the content in creative ways and come up with innovative and effective examples, activities, and exercises for their audience.

C2D2 Program Brief:

This 2-day program uses storytelling and games, and enables the participants to become contextually-creative by using our six-step creativity-framework. This program enables the participants to disengage from the debilitating thought that they aren’t creative and engage with creativity for life.

The C2D2 Training Workshop helps its participants come up with creative and innovative examples and activities for their content, which are relevant to their audience and help reduce the germane load without increasing the extraneous load on the learner.

The Audience for the C2D2 Workshop:

This training is for content-developers, content-authors, training-designers, trainers, instructional designers, bloggers, who want to infuse their content with creative energy and who want their content to stand out for its creative and innovative examples, activities, and exercises.

The C2D2 Training Workshop at a Glance:

Creativity doesn't reside outside of us, it lives within. In adults, it often reaches dormancy, which isn't surprising. As we traipse through life, our brain accustoms itself to meet the demands that life makes - and quite often it means that mind must learn to become efficient by thinking in a certain way - always!

Yet, once awakened, creativity in adults results in inventive products, innovative processes, creative content; in other words, it ends up creating more efficiency and enhances productivity in a much bigger and more impactful manner.

The following infographic will help you see how the C2D2 workshop by Creative Agni® can help reignite the creativity of your content and training team.


Creative Agni's Corporate Workshop in Instructional Design for Content Design and Development

Download this Infographic.


Our training programs and courses have been taken by professionals working at all levels in various organizations in different industries viz. eLearning, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, HealthCare, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, and so on. Please visit the following link to read what some of our participants feel about our courses/training workshops.


On Completion of the Training Workshop, the successful participants shall receive the Creative Agni's "Creativity for Content Design & Development" Workshop Certificate.

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When we discover a treasure-chest that we had forgotten about and we realize its worth, everything changes - and that includes the way we work, interact with others, and feel about ourselves. The Creativity for Content Design and Development workshop is just that kind of program. If you would like to not spread not just the light of learning, but also rejuvenate your content and/or training team's love for learning design, we would love to discuss your specific training needs with you. Reach us at: .

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