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Corporate Workshop in Gamification of Trainings (GoT)

Gamification of Trainings helps to keep the learners engaged (because they feel thrilled by the challenge,) and ensures that they learn (as they wish to perform.) Since gamified training programs become experiences that are perceived by each learner as personal-experiences, the retention is higher, which automatically results in their transfering their learning to the job and helping their organizations improve their revenues and grow.

GoT is a 2-Day Workshop by Creative Agni® that empowers its participants by engaging them into a gamified training experience, which helps them determine a gamification strategy that would work with their audience and content and then implement it in their classrooms.

Main Objectives of the GoT Workshop:

This program accomplishes the following.

  1. Creates a firm grounding of the Gaming Framework in the minds of its participants.
  2. Empowers the participants to use the gaming framework and the game-elements to make their training programs more fun, engaging, and effective, by enhancing not compromising their instructional effectiveness.
  3. Enables the participants to quickly establish their gamification strategy for a training program, confidently and correctly.

Gamification of eLearning & Training (GeLT) Online Certificate Program

Gamification of elearning and Training (GeLT) Online Certificate Course by Creative Agni - Conducted by Ranjeet Anand.

GoT Workshop Brief:

This 2-day program uses conceptual lectures, classroom-activities, games, demonstrations, and hands-on gamification exercises – all threaded into a gamified learning experience, to help the participants master the art of training gamification.

As the participants master the gaming framework and different game elements including the rules, challenges,and reward-system (badges, points, leaderboards,) and where and how they must be used for heightened effectiveness, they become capable gamifying their training programs. Their mastery the gaming framework and gaming constructs/elements enables them to eliven their training programs by transforming them into learning adventures.

The learners hone their training gamification skills through continuous feedback and guidance from the Creative Agni mentor and program guide.

Here's a short article that explain Gamification and why it helps. Read "Gamification – What does this new-fangled, star-spangled term mean?"

The Audience for the GoT Workshop:

This workshop is for training-designers, trainers, and instructional designers who want to transform their classroom trainings by gamifying them effectively.

The GoT Training Workshop at a Glance:

In a nut-shell, the Gamification of Trainings Workshop, enables your trainers to infuse new life into their training programs, thus making them more impactful, memorable, and useful.


Creative Agni's Corporate Workshop in Gamification of Trainings.

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Our training programs and courses have been taken by professionals working at all levels in various organizations in different industries viz. eLearning, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, HealthCare, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, and so on. Please visit the following link to read what some of our participants feel about our courses/training workshops.


On Completion of the Training Workshop, the successful participants shall receive the Creative Agni's "Gamification of Trainings" Workshop Certificate.

Gamification of eLearning & Training (GeLT) Online Certificate Program

Gamification of elearning and Training (GeLT) Online Certificate Course by Creative Agni - Conducted by Ranjeet Anand.

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