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Corporate Workshop in Instructional Design for Trainers (IDT)

IDT is a 3-Day Workshop by Creative Agni® that provides your trainers the capability of using different instructional design models and methods to analyze their audience, scope their content, write clear goals and objectives, find the best examples, design the right learning activities, establish the level-wise assessments, and deliver their trainings with confidence and aplomb.

Goal of the IDT Workshop:

At the end of the IDT program, the participants become capable of assessing the learning requirements, establishing the learning objectives, and using Instructional Design to design and develop effective training programs for their audience.

IDT Program Brief:

The Instructional Design for Trainers (IDT) program is conducted in 24 contact hours with classes being conducted on three consecutive days. The program is a blend of lectures, interactive discussions, quizzes, role-plays, learning activities and work assignments. The participants build and apply their instructional design and training design skills through continuous feedback and guidance provided by the consultant. At the end of the three-day program, the participants become capable of assessing learning requirements, and designing & creating content (Instructor Led Training material for different content types) that suits the needs of their audience.

This training program comprises illustrative lectures, group-discussions, role-plays, quizzes, and other learning activities including assignments to be completed for ensuring that every participant gains the competency of applying their learning in content creation. The learners receive continuous feedback and guidance from the consultant and program guide.

The Audience for the IDT Workshop:

This training is for moderately to highly experienced classroom trainers with little or no experience in using Instructional Design for effective training design and delivery.

The IDT Training Workshop at a Glance:

The following infographic presents an overview of the Instructional Design for Trainers Workshop.


An Overview Infographic of Creative Agni's Corporate Workshop in Instructional Design for Trainers.

Download this Infographic.


Our training programs and courses have been taken by professionals working at all levels in various organizations in different industries viz. eLearning, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, HealthCare, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, and so on. Please visit the following link to read what some of our participants feel about our courses/training workshops.


On Completion of the Workshop, the successful participants shall receive the Creative Agni's "Instructional Design for Trainers" Workshop Certificate.

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