Cognitive Excursion

Welcome to the Cognitive Excursion. As we explore the world of learning and instructional design, this shall be a place for us to rest, reflect, and put our skills to test. Click the icons below for your Cognitive Excursion.

Click to play HIVE! Click to play CLICK! Click to play PEARL!
High Intensity Verbal Espresso

HIVE is a shot of verbal adrenaline that helps you keep your vocabulary in top shape. Each new issue of HIVE brings you eight new words.

The Constructive Logic Infused
Cognitive Kinesthesia

CLICK is a thematic crossword that challenges you to synthesize your professional knowledge with your verbal ability and complete an interconnected maze of words, in the best possible time.

The Potion of Extreme Aptitude & Reasoning in Language

PEARL is a two-step thematic word puzzle, which helps you expand your creative space and motivates you to discover the hidden words through their clues.

Click the icons to entertain and refresh your mind.

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