Creative Agni’s IDCD Course – New Session starts on August 25.


Happy to announce the start date for the next IDCD session. It’s starting on August 25th, 2019. Those who’ve registered, relax and if possible go on a vacation, so that you are charged up for taking the course.

Those who are interested in taking the course and were waiting for the date to be announced, now that it is – check your schedule for the eight weeks starting August 25th – if you are available the next nine Sundays, send me an email and you want to wield the power of ID through eLearning content development, and create courses that wow and awe your audience, send me an email. You’ll find my id on the IDCD course page here.

I’ve some workshop announcements hidden in the long and frilly sleeves of my witch-robe. I shall shake my sleeve next week and let’s see what tumbles out 🙂

Have a beautiful week ahead,