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Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate (REDAC) Certificate Course

(Please note that in view of the COVID-crisis, the classes for the REDAC Contact Course will remain suspended for the year 2022. If you are also interested in learning instructional design, we recommend that you review the IDCDT Online Course for your learning requirements. Thanks.)

Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate (REDAC) Certificate Course


Name of the Course:

Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate (REDAC) Certificate Course

Who should join?

Trainers, Content Writers, Content Developers, Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts, and other professionals engaged in eLearning content development or repurposing of existing content, and who are required to work on Adobe Captivate for Rapid Authoring of eLearning content.

The ideal candidate for this course is someone who is willing to work hard for two months to become a pro at using Adobe Captivate and:

- has a flair for writing, 2 or more years of training/content development experience, an immediate/near future requirement of working on Adobe Captivate.

- has been involved in content development on the media/graphics/authoring front, has worked on Flash/Photoshop and other Adobe packages to create media for eLearning, and sees himself/herself working on Adobe Captivate in near future.

Essential Requirements for taking the Course:

In order to take this training program the prospective participant should meet the folowing two requirments:

  • This course will need your unwavering commitment and about 10-12 hours of your time on a weekly basis.
  • It will also require you to have access to Adobe Captivate 2017/2019 so that you are able to do your weekly home assignments (the concept and project assignments,) which are necessary for completing the course successfully.

Expected Entry Skills:

Language Skills: Good command over written English
Computer Skills: Good computer and Internet skills and the ability to work on MS-PowerPoint and MS-Word.
Education: Graduation in any discipline

Primary Course Goal:

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to develop eLearning content using the Rapid Authoring Tool - Adobe Captivate.

Thus, a participant who successfully completes this course would become comfortable with the development environment of Adobe Captivate and will be able to:

  • develop new eLearning modules using Adobe Captivate, as well as
  • repurpose existing training material (for example, in the form of PPTs) into eLearning content.

The REDAC Content Outline:

    1. Anatomy of a learning experience – the three main dimensions
      • Knowledge Transfer
      • Reinforcement
      • Assessment
    2. Interface elements used in eLearning
    3. The Rapid Authoring connection
    4. Setting up the Captivate workspace
    5. Creating a new project - Understanding the different project types in Captivate
    6. Laying out the screen space and the various inspectors
    7. Understanding the concept of Timeline and Objects
    8. Using Timeline to
      • Arrange and manipulate objects
      • Time the squence of apperance of the objects
    9. Working with Text - Styles, Effects, Fonts
    10. The Object Style Manager and creating & managing and object styles
    11. Using Images:
      • Formats & Quality
      • Importing & Editing
    12. Animation
      • Types & Sources
      • Animating Text
      • Animation Effects
    13. Working with Audio
      • Importing external audio
      • Recording & editing audio
      • Using slide notes
      • Converting text to speech
    14. Simulations - Types, Usage, and Process
      • Demonstrations
      • Assessments
      • Trainings
      • Custom Simulations
      • Mouse paths
    15. Videos - Creation and Editing
      • Recording screen activity
      • Importing external video
      • Video Editing inside Captivate
      • Adding transitions
    16. Building Interactivity – Bringing content alive by making it interactive
    17. Widgets and their parameterization
    18. Using Rollovers, Zoom Areas, Slidelets, and other Interactive Objects
    19. Understanding View States
    20. Captivate's In-built Learning Interactions
    21. Using Actions - Taking your eLearning module a notch higher than the rest
      • variables and dynamic text
      • Advanced Actions for enhanced interactivity
      • Conditional Actions - logic and application
      • Shared Actions for portability
      • Content Flow Branching
    22. Creating and implementing Quizzes for Reinforcement and Assessment
      • Quiz-types and Quiz Question-types
      • Working with question-pools, random question slide, GIFT & CSV files
    23. Creating slide shows
    24. Converting PowerPoint Presentations into Adobe Captivate Projects
      • Importing & Synching
      • Round-tripping
    25. Going Mobile – How developing mLearning is different from developing eLearning?
    26. Responsive Content
    27. Differences between Responsive and standard Captivate Projects
    28. Breakpoints and Fluid Boxes - When and How to use them.
    29. Creating & using Master Slides, Themes and Templates
    30. Publishing Captivate Projects
      • Publish Settings
      • Publishing formats - HTML5/SWF/PDF/Video etc.
    31. Adding Skins & TOC
    32. Understanding accessibility and making content accessible in Captivate
    33. Overview of an LMS and publishing standards - AICC, SCORM, TinCan/xAPI

The REDAC Course Methodology:

The REDAC course, like other Creative Agni courses and training programs, is designed and developed according to Instructional Design principles.

The course uses:

    1. A project-based approach, right from Day 1
    2. Concept assignments that enable you to practice everything you learn in class so that you become owners of your knowledge.
    3. The course follows a constructivist approach in its examples.
    4. Continuous Practice and Assessment coupled with Constructive Feedback.
    5. The Learner learns through repeated application by creating a working eLearning module including activities pertaining to:
      • Knowledge Transfer
      • Reinforcement
      • Assessment
    6. The classes and the home assignments/project assignments would be supplemented by Classroom and Online Discussions

Course Duration:

2 Months – 16 Sessions of 1.5 hours each, classes on Sundays.
(Please Note: The course is conducted as a classroom training program in Noida - Delhi-NCR.)

Course Conducted By:

Mr. Ranjeet Anand (B.Tech., IIT-Varanasi;  MBA, FMS-Delhi)
  - Principal Consultant, Learning Technologies – Creative Agni Consulting
  - Mobile Games Producer – Innoken Games
  - Ex-Technical Architect of Wavelength’s Online Courses
  - Ex-Chief Architect (Mobile Solutions) at Interra IT - an SEI CMM Level 5 company.

Ranjeet has about two decades of experience in both eLearning and Gaming Technologies.

The REDAC Certificate:

Upon your successful completion of the course, you will receive the Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate Certificate from Creative Agni.

How to Join the REDAC Course:

If you are interested in taking the REDAC Certificate course to empower yourself as a content professional, send an email to .

Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate (REDAC) Certificate Course

(Please note that in view of the COVID-crisis, the classes for the REDAC Contact Course will remain suspended for the time-being. If you are also interested in learning instructional design, we recommend that you review the IDCD Online Course for your learning requirements. Thanks.)


Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate (REDAC) Certificate Course


Views of the Past-Participants of Ranjeet’s Courses / Programs

"This has been the greatest learning experience of my life. I would like to thank my mentors for their unconditional support and help throughout the course.

Before joining the ASDC course, I was not at all confident of writing ActionScript code and used to take help from books and tutorials without knowing what I was writing. But in these 2 months, I have not only learned how to write ActionScript code systematically on my own but also I am now confident of what I write.

The best thing I like about this course is the way they explain the concepts and terminologies with the help of real life Examples. The course methodology that is being employed is without a doubt most informative, interactive, and it provides an array of learning activities. In the end I would say that it was a wonderful learning experience that made learning easier and enjoyable."

- Nitish Lamba, ActionScript Programmer, Magic Software

It has been quite a remarkable experience of learning here. I have already done two of Mr. Anand’s courses before doing the FLEX course.

I found this course is up to the mark like his other courses despite ours being the first batch. Their practical approach and down to earth examples helped me to understand this course very clearly. I feel very confident now with what learning this training program has imparted to me.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

- Vivek Saxena , Actionscript / Flex Programmer, Magic Software,Noida

Before joining the ASDC course, I was not confident of programming in Flash but I was extremely interested in it. Before joining, I tried some other institutes too but was dissatisfied with them. When I joined the ASDC course I gained confidence to program. I would like to say that this is a wonderful opportunity for designers and programmers to improve their careers. Or for anybody who wishes to start his career in the field of Flash programming.

Mr. Ranjeet Anand is a very effective mentor. His way of his teaching is very good and I realize that it is good for everyone. When you do the ASDC course you see the improvement from the very first week.

- Sunil Kumar, Programmer, then Brainshaper Technologies.

Views of the REDAC Course Participants

This has been another great learning experience for me at Creative Agni. I had attended the IDCD Course 2 years ago.

I was eagerly waiting on taking up another course at Creative Agni and REDAC was it. After becoming an ID, I was often asked if I had worked on any rapid authoring tools and I hadn't. Thus the need to attend a course to learn an authoring tool, brought me to REDAC course.

REDAC is so well thought of, properly structured, and a great blend of logical & practical learning. From classroom learning to hand assignments, file assignments, project work and quizzes - one logically progresses in the course and gains the knowledge.

Ranjeet's deep pool of knowledge has allowed me to learn so much during the course, that I feel confident in completing an elearning course on my own, from storyboarding it to developing it and giving it it's final shape. The efforts Ranjeet puts in so that the learner understands everything clearly, are commendable. His focus to help us learn the "WHY" and "HOW" of everything in the software - made it easier for me to master Captivate. I could not imagine myself doing something technical like Adobe Captivate. Technology always went bouncers for me - but I am so happy I attended this course and I am confident of the knowledge that I now have.

The learning has been remarkable during these 8 weeks - not just limited to the software but also in understanding other technicalities and skills needed to excel in this domain.

Thanks Ranjeet for all your hardwork, efforts and commitment. Looking forward to more such courses in future.

- Manika Malik,
Training Specialist,
NTT Data Services,
Noida (Delhi - NCR)

After years, I have attended such an interesting course. I love working on Captivate. Initially when I started it seemed as if it weren't my cup of tea, however, Ranjeet made it so easy by explaining everything in detail.

He has in-depth technical knowledge and the best part of it is that he explains it really well. The assignments he gave followed by his detailed, constructive feedback worked wonders.

Ranjeet takes personal ownership and responsibility of the learning of his learners. He ensures that the course participants are given enough opportunities to practice each new skill.

I was able to apply all that I learned only because Ranjeet uses a lot of instructional design in the course.

I am looking forward to learning again from Ranjeet, and will wait for his next course.

Thank you Ranjeet, for all your efforts.

- Aastha Chikara,
Process Trainer,
Barclays India,
Noida (Delhi - NCR)

Views of the Past-Participants of Ranjeet’s Courses / Programs
(The participants' details are as at the time of taking the program.)

As an ActionScript programmer, I was always keen on learning FLEX and wanted to expand my skills in this technology. I had already done two ActionScript certifications (ASDC and AS2OOP) from there. While going through the newsletter I read about the FADC (Flex 3.0 Application Developer Certificate course) certification being introduced and got myself enrolled for the same without giving it a second thought. I was already familiar with their methodology, which I always feel is the best learning experience I have ever came across.

The course is conducted in such a manner that gives a programmer the in-depth knowledge of FLEX as a technology and the new classes introduced in AS 3.0. After the course, I feel confident of developing FLEX Applications and have clear understanding of what I write when I develop in FLEX.

The vast knowledge of Mr. Anand in the field of e-learning and software development had always encouraged me to attend and give 100% effort in my class. The discussion forum, regular assignments and the project helped me build my conceptual as well as practical knowledge in FLEX and AS 3.0.

- Nitish Lamba, ActionScript Programmer, Magic Software

(Nitish took three of Ranjeet's eLearning technology courses.)

My search for an institution, which provided knowledge of ActionScript, began when suddenly my job required me to work on the programming of Flash. As a novice in Software, this was a great challenge.

During this I came in contact with Ranjeet. At our first meet, I was convinced of his commitment towards his work and the seriousness with which he approached this course.

During the two months, I realized that their methodology of training did not only incorporate knowledge of ActionScript, but helped me grasp a general notion of how most languages worked and how to approach issues when developing an application. The projects that were assigned to us, gave a practical dimension to the course. The final project provided a complete overview of what the applications of ActionScript would be in the e-learning industry.

But to top it all, I have to commend Ranjeet and Shafali for their commitment to their Work. Kudos!

- Binish Mushtaq, Sr. Training Analyst, American Express

Earlier I did not understand the programming part of Flash well. Whenever I tried to write code in Flash, I took help from net and copied the code from Internet, but some questions came to my mind, such as "How this code actually works?" After doing this course I am quite well versed with ActionScript and now I say "I can program in ActionScript,” confidently.

This course has given me a perfect platform for mastering ActionScript. This course has helped me clear my doubts and build my logic and concepts. Thanks to Mr. Ranjeet Anand.

- Neeraj Aneja, Team Leader, Indiamart Intermesh Ltd.

It was a very good experience to take the FLEX 3.0 course. Earlier I had also done the ASDC (ActionScript Developer Certificate course). Ranjeet’s training programs are very well structured, and conducted in a very professional manner. The way they cover each topic with very live examples is excellent and it helps us do a lot of work in a professional environment .

The depth of knowledge I got during this course has made me fully confident about developing Flex Applications.

- Deepak Nagpal , ActionScript Programmer, Sepal Technologies, Delhi

I am a Flash designer in an e-learning company and I always wanted to learn ActionScript. I came to know about the ASDC course through their website and felt very happy because this is the only place where you can learn e- learning based ActionScript. The ASDC is a very well structured course where we get different assignments, which help us make our concepts strong.

I joined this course with a hope and it fulfilled my hope. I have learned ActionScript and feel more confident now because now I can design as well as program in Flash. This course has given a new turn to my career.

- Nitesh Jain, Flash Designer, FCS Ltd.

The methodologies followed in the ASDC course for imparting learning are the best. The supplemental activities further enhance the quality and effectiveness of the course.

Mr. Ranjeet Anand with his immense potential delivers the learning impeccably and makes sure that the concepts are embedded in the learners mind with clarity. His attention at individual level to every participant best describes his dedication towards the subject. I wish him “All the Best!

- Bijay Bishi, Project Manager, Escotoonz.

Those eight weeks of the ASDC course, were full of learning and gaining knowledge. I not only got the opportunity to grasp the concepts of much in demand – “ActionScript”, but at the same time I learnt – what is the eLearning industry all about. Though I didn’t have any prior programming background, I didn’t even realize how quickly I grasped the concepts of ActionScript. By the end of the course, I felt that this was my first and the most effective programming experience! The course is so well structured and consists of a variety of activities such as discussion forums, assignments, online test, project presentation and the list goes on….

It makes you a full-fledged ActionScript programmer and not just any other coder with some vague commands in mind. You gain confidence in applying your own logics and add creativity to this technical field. After completing this course, I am delighted to say, I am ready to face any challenge in the well known eLearning companies.

It will be a pleasurable experience for any potential student who wishes to join the ASDC Course and make the most out of it!"

Thank you once again.

- Shivani Nayyar , UI Designer, Magic Software.

It was really a pleasant experience doing the ASDC course. I am very impressed with the way they teach and use real life examples in their teaching. I enjoyed working on project, assignments and discussions during the course. I have a design background and I wanted to start my career as ActionScript programmer. I was confused about how I could start it with a new beginning. But after doing this course, I am very confident about the ActionScript and I am now ready to start my career as a ActionScript Programmer.

After gaining some work experience, I will surely do Ranjeet’s next level-programming course."

- Vikas Sharma, Graphic Designer, Just Dial Services.)


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