Creative Agni’s Instructional Design Primer (IDP) Workshop

(A Free ID & eLearning Online Workshop)

Free Online Instructional Design Primer Workshop

This Workshop was conducted on September 13, 2020. Please subscribe to The Fount for updates on our upcoming Free Workshops.

Important: Creative Agni's 2-Month Online Certificate Course in Instructional Design and Content Development (IDCD) is starting on November 01, 2020. We are receiving applications for it till October 15, 2020. If you are interested in burnishing your content development and storyboarding capabilities while mastering instructional design, please visit the course page and apply.

Date: September 13, 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours
Venue: The Workshop shall be held online through an interactive Zoom** session. The Zoom invitation will reach you by September 12, 2020 (Saturday.)
Inquiry email: Write to me at:

Participants' Views / Testimonials of the IDP Online workshop conducted on September 06, 2020.

I am a total newbie to the concept of ID. The wholesome experience of a "Shafali Anand" training was a 10/10. The training allowed me to understand that how amazingly a session can be delivered. It was interactive, piqued the curiosity and humorous. Shafali is my new role model to emulate.

I love your brand of teach n empower. You are awesome...if u didn't know :)

Thank you.

Sunitha Shah, Trainer,
Beltronic Consultancy Pvt Ltd. Mumbai.

The workshop was the extremely engaging, fluid and relevant. Your passion for ID truly resonated with most of us, and that I believe is the mark of a job well done. In a short span of three hours I was enthralled enough to want to join a full term course. I usually find online workshops boring and mostly running like monologues, but yours was absolutely interactive.

Thank you once again for this wonderful teaser into the world of ID."

Akanksha Gupta, Project Manager,
NIIT Ltd., Delhi.

This IDP workshop was really helpful for a starter like me with basic idea on ID. Now I have an understanding on ID and related roles and responsibilities.

Chiranjeevi B., Technical Writer,
Wipro, Tirupati

Never has Bloom's Taxonomy been explained in such a simplified and fun way to me. You cleared the concepts wonderfully. Your workshop was engaging and fun. It has provided me a glimpse of how promising your IDCD course would be. I look forward to more workshops from you.

Tripti Saun, Content Writer,
K12 Technoservices, Mumbai.

It was a really enjoyable interactive workshop by Shafali Anand. She puts her best foot forward to understand your level and comes up with an easy approach to help you understand. ID is quite a creative field, and no matter how much experience you have in the particular field, there is something extra to take in such a workshop organized by Creative Agni. I learnt a lot of new things in such a short span of time. I felt a little more confident to comprehend the knowledge that I gained. It was as if it helped me join the dots in the mind. I am quite sure the online courses will be equally knowledgeable.

Mitali M. Bardhan, Instructional Designer,
Wipro Ltd., Hyderabad./p>

I would like to say that the Workshop was pretty engaging and I could personally take away a lot of things from this session. When working remotely there are very high chances of participants getting distracted by a lot of things, but you ensured that everyone stays on their toes and complete all the relevant activities given to them.

Sandeep Koul, Training Manager,

Back in 2006-7, when I was asked to create the Instructional Design team at my company Excelsoft in Mysore, I took the IDCWC Online course from the then Wavelength **. It was a thorough course which followed the very principles of ID to a T, in teaching ID! Walking the talk, indeed!! As we grew and had a team of Content Writers, I took up the CWWC Online course in 2008-9, which was equally effective and practical.

Now that I am into sheer writing and hence a bit rusty on ID, I attended the half-day IDP workshop online on 6th Sep and I enjoyed it. Who knows, my journey with Shafali and Creative Agni may continue for a few more decades :-)

Arun R.Belawadi (Learner-Writer-Teacher),
Editor-Webmaster Rotary Mysore.

It was a honor for me to attend the workshop with you as the facilitator.

This workshop was definitely a refresher for me. Interacting with you and other seasoned IDs was a pleasure. Shafali is a pioneer in Instructional Design field and who believes and strives hard for real Instructional Design to happen.

The workshop was filled with lots of energy, activities, surprises which made us actively participate. It kept us engaged for three hours. (I was even ready to go through another rollout of the same session.) Sept-2007 was great year for me. My daughter was born in that month and discovered Wavelength ** in the same month.

I wish you great years ahead - from the bottom of my heart.

Setty Jagadeesh Chandra, Deputy Manager - Knowledge Services
Wipro Ltd., Hyderabad

** Shafali was the CEO of Wavelength and The Chief Architect and Facilitator of Wavelength's IDCWC Online, CWWC Online and other ID related courses.

** You just need a free Zoom account to attend the IDP workshop.

Workshop Brief:

As we move into an era where our laptops and mobile devices have become a necessary extension of ourselves, the methods of learning and the psychology of learners both undergo a change. Along with these changes, the challenges that a content creator faces today, are different from the ones she faced before the century turned. The thread that strings together all these mediums of learning - traditional as well as modern - is Instructional Design.

From being an exotic, somewhat obscure discipline that was more misunderstood than understood, Instructional Design has emerged to be an important weapon in a content developer’s arsenal. The primary reason behind this evolution has been the growth of the IT and the ITES sector in India in the early 2000s. We have now reached a point in our journey where Instructional Design has transformed into an essential skill for almost every content development/training job in our industry.

All learning professionals, starting from the fresh content developers/trainers to the senior content/L&D managers, are expected to have a strong grip on the principles and methods of Instructional Design.

This workshop shall attempt to demystify Instructional Design and illustrate its connection with eLearning and mLearning, explain how being proficient in ID and related disciplines could put your career on a fast track, and of course; it shall also illustrate how much fun it could be to learn and apply Instructional Design.

Important Note:

This workshop shall require your video and audio presence. The workshop shall emulate the contact version of the workshop conducted in Noida, and will be different only in that the 3-hour session will be conducted through Zoom. The invites will be sent out to 12 prospective participants on first-come-first-served basis.

Conducted By:
Shafali R. Anand
Founder & Chief Envisionist
Creative Agni
Editor & Publisher - Creative Agni - An eZine for Instructional Design & eLearning.
Formerly, Chief Instructional Architect, Wavelength
(Shafali R. Anand designed Wavelength’s Instructional Design Courses & Training Programs and conducted/facilitated them for six years.) Read the views of Creative Agni's course participants here.

Who Should Attend?

  • Content Developers and Instructional Designers who are working in eLearning/Content Development Organizations or Publishing Houses, and who want to figure out how instructional design could help them develop more effective content in a more efficient manner.
  • Trainers and Training Content Developers who want to understand how instructional design can provide them with a framework to develop more effective training programs, quickly and confidently.
  • Other individuals who could be interested in attending this workshop could be:
    Mass Communication graduates, other graduates with a flair for writing, especially if they are contemplating a career in the field of content development.

Objectives of the Workshop:

The main objectives of this workshop are:

  • Provide exposure about the different roles and corresponding responsibilities that exist in the eLearning and Content Development industry.
  • Enable fresh instructional designers, content writers, and trainers to get a panoramic view of what ID practice and theory entails.

The Content Outline for the IDP Workshop:

1. Instructional Design Demystified
2. A Sneak-peek into the theory and practice of Instructional Design
3. Instructional Design – Application Areas
4. Different Roles that require Instructional Design capabilities
5. An hour-long session on an important ID Concept.
6. Determining how the knowledge of ID and Rapid eLearning Development impacts your growth.
7. Learning Instructional Design
8. Question- Answer Session

Free Online Instructional Design Primer Workshop

This Workshop was conducted on September 13, 2020. Please subscribe to The Fount for updates on our upcoming Free Workshops.


Date: September 13, 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours
Venue: The Workshop shall be held online through an interactive Zoom session. The Zoom invitation will reach you by September 12, 2020 (Saturday.)
Inquiry email: Write to me at:

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