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ANNOUNCEMENTS for August/September 2019

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Our ID and Rapid Authoring Courses

The IDCD Course - Next Session Starting on August 25, 2019 (Sunday,) (Registrations On)

Creative Agni® IDCD (Instructional Design for Content Development) Certificate Course

The IDST Course- Next Session Starting on September 01, 2019 (Sunday,) (Registrations On)

Creative Agni® IDST (Instructional Design for Senior Professionals and Trainers) Certificate Course

The REDAC Course - - Next Session Starting in September 2019. (Registrations on)

Creative Agni® REDAC (Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate) Certificate Course

“Creativity is borderless thinking, clipped in the right places to fit the problem template, so that the result is an effective and efficient solution.” – SRA


In the world of today, if there’s anything that cries out the loudest for creativity, it is the act of transferring knowledge. Creativity has to work alongside logic to create instructionally effective content. It doesn’t matter where the content lies on the learning medium continuum – this is the reality of all types of content…from WBTs through Blended Learning to Instructor-led Classroom Trainings!

1. Creative Agni® IDCD Course for Content Professionals

Instructional design combines creativity with logic to build content that enables the audience to acquire the promised skill. Logic being the more objective of the two dimensions is easier to implement. However, it is the creative use of a specific learning medium’s abilities that requires more attention. It is the creative dimension of ID, which separates acceptable courses/trainings from great ones.

The Instructional Design and Content Develoment Course by Shafali R. Anand

Creative Agni® IDCD (Instructional Design for Content Development) Certificate Course is designed to assist Instructional Designers in using instructional design to create great courses. This course befriends you and works with you to help you assimilate the ID concepts and integrate them with the process of content development. Read more about this course to discover whether it aligns with your dreams of a knowledge-empowered future.

2. Creative Agni® IDST Course for Senior Professionals and Trainers

Instructional Design is quickly transforming into a core-skill for all learning professionals. From Training to eLearning/mLearning development to Academics, it is becoming essential that the senior professionals and the trainers power-pack themselves with the Kryptonian fuel of Instructional Design, especially if they want to fast-track their growth in their prefered learning domain.

The Instructional Design and Content Develoment Course by Shafali R. Anand

Creative Agni® IDST (Instructional Design for Senior Professionals and Trainers) Certificate Course is designed to help the Senior L&D Managers, the eLearning PMs/Delivery Managers, the Trainers/Sr. Trainers, the Lecturers and the Professors combine their rich experience with Instructional Design so that they are able to power-lead their teams and classes with relevant knowledge. This course helps you assimilate the ID concepts and integrate them your prior knowledge of the domain.


3. Creative Agni® REDAC Course for Training Professionals, Content Developers, and Instructional Designers.

Note: If you are a seasoned content/training professional and/or a past IDCD/IDST Participant, I recommend that you master Adobe Captivate through the REDAC course and combine your ID prowess with rapid eLearning development expertise to become capable of independently developing and delivering the learning soultions of the future. - Shafali

As the world marches toward a new learning paradigm that is characterized by a remote and often mobile learner who wants to learn in her own time and at her own pace, and where organizations are becoming bigger and more complex, Rapid authoring or rapid elearning development results in higher access and lower development costs. For the learning professionals of today, this change implies a growing need to master the skill of using a Rapid Authoring Software that will help them not only design and visualize content, but also develop and deliver it to their audience.

Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate Certificate Course by Creative Agni - Conducted by Ranjeet Anand.

Creative Agni® REDAC (Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate) Certificate Course is designed to ensure that the content professionals who take this program become independently capable of developing and delivering content to their audience.They would become at home with the Adobe Captivate interface and would know exactly how to use the capabilities of the software to deliver impactful content. For those who already are working as Instructional Designers, Content Developers, or Trainers, this certification course would lead them toward developmental freedom and enable them to explore such opportunities that require rapid authoring capabiltiies.

Creative Agni® Corporate Trainings and Open Workshops

As we have deep expertise in the areas of Instructional Design, Content Development, Training, elearning/mlearning, and related technologies, we offer both corporate training programs and Open workshops in these areas. Every Creative Agni program is designed, developed, and implemented using Instructional Design principles, and is a living example of how creativity can combine with instructional logic to make every learning-hour count. Thus, a Creative Agni® program not only empowers its learners with the skills it promises, but also exemplifies the principles it teaches. In other words, every Creative Agni program walks the talk and makes its participants confident of using the skills they’ve acquired by going through it.

Creative Agni's Corporate Trainings and Workshops

Creative Agni® Corporate Training programs and open workshops are designed and developed for maximum instructional impact. These instructionally designed certification training programs are implemented as interlinked cycles of learning, practice, and assessment made of creative activities, assignments, and intermittent quizzes.

• Corporate Trainings - Standard Programs and Bespoke Training

• Open Workshops - ID, eLearning, and Gamification (Fall and Spring)

Creative Agni's Open Workshops


Creative Agni® eZine

In this rapidly changing world, where elearning content development is fast transforming into content mass-production; where teaching has changed into a faint sliver of what it used to be; and where trainings are being avoided, or worse still… force-fed to an uninterested audience – we are losing that creative spark, which could ignite the passion for knowledge in the minds of our learners. The pace at which we work, the pressure of the deadlines that we run to meet, and a general environment of apathy makes us disregard the creative element in Instructional Design. We need to apply creative thinking to the design and development of content.

Creative Agni - The Instructional Design and eLearning eZine

The Creative Agni® eZine for Instructional Design and eLearning is an attempt to help the training designers, elearning content developers, online facilitators, and classroom trainers, recognize this power of creative thinking within them and restore it to make their content and training programs instructionally effective.


Creative Agni® Cognitive Excursion

Creativity is never the product of a tired mind nor of a brain that has lost its agility. We recommend a cognitive excursion. A quick vocabulary test, a crossword set in the space of learning, and a two-level simple word-game will charge you up!



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