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Corporate Workshop in Instructional Storywriting and Storytelling (ISW)

ISW is a 1-Day Workshop by Creative Agni® that helps its participants become capable of writing impactful and interesting stories around a learning objective.

Equipped with the story framework and empowered with the instructional principles that are relevant to the art of writing a story, they become competent in writing and telling stories that are powerful and supremely engaging vehicles of learning.

The Participants of this workshop, learn to craft and tell their own stories - on any content for any audience.

Goal of the ISW Workshop:

This one-day workshop strongly focuses on transforming its audience into instructional storywriters, who can design a content-relevant, audience-mapped, story experience for the content their training program is required to deliver.

ISW Program Brief:

This one-day program uses lectures and illustrations for conceptual learning of how to write captivating stories using the related instructional design principles, demonstrations, group activities culminating in a mini-project in which the learners use the principles learned to write an instructional story to illustrate a concept. (What is Instructional Storytelling?)

Equipped with the story framework and empowered with the instructional principles that are relevant to the art of storytelling, the participants of this workshop become competent in crafting stories that will make their workshops and training programs more effective and interesting than that of their competitors.

Why This Special Training Program from Creative Agni?

We are content creators and training designers, because we love to tell stories. Creative Agni's courses/training programs have always included stories to help the participants “feel” the concepts instead of just understanding them. The instructional premise here is simple. Retention is stronger when the learner’s emotions are evoked in harmony with the concept being learned.

This is why the Creative Agni eZine has an “ID Fiction” section that features 10 stories. This is also why we offer the Instructional Storywriting and Storytelling workshop. The art of creating relevant stories that take your audience on a roller-coaster of emotions will make your audience hold their breath as the learning seeps deep and takes root.

The Audience for the ISW Workshop:

This workshop is for practicing trainers who want make their training programs more interesting and engaging for their learners.

The ISW Training Workshop at a Glance:

The following infographic provides an overview of the learning need that the ISW Workshop fulfills.


Creative Agni's Corporate Workshop in Instructional Story-writing and Storytelling

Download this Infographic.


Our training programs and courses have been taken by professionals working at all levels in various organizations in different industries viz. eLearning, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, HealthCare, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, and so on. Please visit the following link to read what some of our participants feel about our courses/training workshops.


On Completion of the Workshop, the successful participants shall receive the Creative Agni's "Instructional Storywriting and Storytelling" Workshop Certificate.

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