IDCD, IDST, and REDAC courses – Next Session Announcements.

Please note:

The IDCD Course:

The IDCD Course starts its next session in September (this month): We are accepting registrations for the program now. If you are interested in enrolling for this session of IDCD, please go through the content outline of the page and send me an email latest by September 18th, 2018.

Creative Agni’s IDCD (Instructional Design for Content Development) Certificate Course


The IDST Course:

The IDST Course starts its next session in October: We are accepting new inquiries and registering participants for this program this month. If you are interested check out the page and send me an email. For all new inquiries (if we haven’t spoken on phone, it’s a new inquiry,) the last date for inquiring is September 30th, 2018.

Creative Agni’s IDST (Instructional Design for Senior Professionals and Trainers) Certificate Course


The REDAC Course:

The REDAC Course starts its next session in October. We are accepting new inquiries for this program now. Registrations will begin in October first week. If you are interested please go through its content outline at the following URL and contact me.

Creative Agni’s REDAC (Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate) Certificate Course

Thank you!

- Shafali

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