Meet Cupcake – The Kit with Wit and watch him unravel the mysteries of instructional design and training.

Cupcake - the tomcat who lives with Sloth - The Kit with Wit - Instructional design, eLearning, Training Cartoons.

The Backstory:
Remember Sloth? (If you don’t remember him, it’s only because Froth steals the limelight that’s rightfully his.)

Sloth never wanted a pup (unlike Froth, who lives with her pet Coffeebeans) and yet he hungered for companionship. The closest he ever came to finding a girlfriend was when he played Romeo in one of his favorite dreams. Even in his dream when Juliet croons “O, Romeo!” he keeps dozing off.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, quite recently Sloth discovered his soulmate in a tomcat who’d sneak in to finish Sloth’s snacks for him – including Sloth’s favorite cupcakes. Cupcake, the Kit with Wit (and tons of guts) was quick to see how great it would be to live with Sloth. This is how Sloth was adopted… by the cat.


Cupcake was born a witty, slightly lazy, extremely crafty one-year old tomcat on October 27th, 2019.

Articles that Cupcake has featured in: