Articles (ID, eLearning, and Training)

In this section, you will find short, crisp, and easy-to-understand articles on ID, learning and teaching, training, content development, elearning, mlearning, gamification, storytelling…and all things instructional.

List of Articles:

  1. Jobs in this Changing, Evolving World
    (Jobs – 2020 to 2040)
  2. David Kolb’s Cycle of Experiential Learning
    (The Four Stages of Learning & The Four Learner Types)
  3. How Emotional Intelligence Saves Creativity – The IRON Method
    (How to Identify, Repair, Open, and Nurture the Creative Connections between your Creative Expressions and your Emotions.)
  4. The AFR Learner Types** – Learning in this Changing, Evolving World (The AFR Learning Types will define who will survive and thrive in 2020-2040.)
  5. Augmented Reality and its Application in Learning (AR vs. VR, Examples of AR, and how it will define the future of eLearning)
  6. The Trainer’s Rendezvous with eLearning (A Short Affair or a Long-lasting Relationship?)
  7. Gamification of Trainings and Learning Experiences (Old Wine in New Bottle? If it tastes great, who cares?)
  8. Gamification (What does this new-fangled, star-spangled term mean?)
  9. Storytelling and Instructional Design (How to Provide, Guide, and Reinforce Learning by Writing Instructional Stories.)
  10. 5 Rules of Content Writing – Learning from the Bible (How to Design, Develop, and Implement Courses and Trainings)
  11. Instructional Design Theory & Practice – The Gap (Using the ADDIE Lens to determine why Training Programs Fail.)
  12. Writing Scripts or Storyboards for eLearning Content without Losing your Mind (Beating the Fixated ID Syndrome)
  13. Designing Training Games to Rev up your Workshops! (The Challenges and The Rewards)
  14. Should you become an Instructional Designer? (4 Key Traits of a Content Writer for eLearning/Training)
  15. eLearning, Instructional Design, Technical Writing, And Training (The Maze of Hidden Relationships)
  16. Training and Instructional Design (Damocles to Dionysus!)
  17. Casting the Spell of Learner Motivation (How Content Writers and Trainers can Weave Magic for the Learners?)
  18. The ADDIE Model (An Instructional Designer’s Road Map)