Coffeebeans the Cartoon pup with an education, who lives with Froth and contemplates upon the intricacies of learning and living.
Meet Coffeebeans.

© Shafali R. Anand

She is the tiny pup who lives with Froth.

Froth, as we all know, works as a trainer and content developer and she is usually at work until late in the evening. Coffeebeans uses this time to sniff around the house, read Froth’s books, contemplate upon life,  and sleep! So when a tired Froth reaches home, Coffeebeans wants her undivided attention as she’s got a lot to talk and discuss.

In a nutshell, Coffeebeans is an emancipated girl doggy with the right attitude, with an education, and a fabulous collection of ribbons.


Coffeebeans the Pup – Interactive Comic Capsules on Learning, Training, and everything in between.

Coffeebeans cartoons are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced under any circumstance without express permission from Shafali R. Anand. 

Coffeebeans the Pup – Cartoons

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