The Mingoos

Introducing the Mingoos – Simple Office-Goers…just like you, me and everyone else!

When I say everyone, I include neither the Obamas nor the Osamas of the world. A Mingoo is a person with normal aspirations and apprehensions. Right now, most of them are caught up in the whirlwind of e-learning 🙂

Before you ask me – why they are called Mingoos, I should tell you that I had once wanted to call them the Tingoos, but when my overly critical better half came to know about it, he exclaimed, “how do you come up with such weird Tingoo-Mingoo names!”  I really wanted to call them the Tingoos – they are small, cute, and they tingle. So despite the severity and the apparent sarcasm in the criticism, I stuck to calling them Tingoos.

They would’ve been called the Tingoos, except that the inevitable happened. You all know that Bollywood’s survival depends on their item numbers. First Munni Badnaam Hui, then Sheela Jawaan Hui…and it all made sense, but then suddenly Piya decided to buy this manjan of an unknown brand called “ishq”, which let to a great deal of turbulence in someone’s “Tingoo” Jiya!

I could barely believe that the name of my characters had made its way into one of those Bollywood songs! I couldn’t risk using the same name for my characters – could I?

Imagine how hard I was hit. The name that I had built my little world around was gone!

But then I was reminded of the “Tingoo-Mingoo” comment and in a flash, I knew. They were destined to be called the Mingoos.

I hope that the Mingoos meet your approval 🙂 I will add their links here, in order of their appearance on the Creative Agni eZine site.

Meet Mr. Orb, the Mingoo who has almost arrived. Click the links to read the posts where they appear.


Mr. Orb of the Training and Learning Cartoon Series - The Mingoos.