Coffeebeans Interactive Cartoon – The Trainer & The Trainee – and Adobe Captivate.

Hi friends from far and near,

As you may have noticed, Creative Agni’s REDAC (Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate) certificate course rolled out on August 5th. Traditionally, I’ve always participated in the first rollouts of all the programs that we’ve ever brought to you, unless of course, I am the one conducting the program.

I had personally been looking forward to being a part of this program, because despite being an Instructional Designer who could fiddle some bit with graphics, I’ve always felt somewhat constrained in expressing my creativity in the interactive digital world of today. Now, after three weeks into the program, I know that I’d be a complete eLearning professional.

Two Sundays into the program, I created a small linear interaction (“Coffeebeans – The Trainer & The Trainee,” a comic-capsule that features Coffeebeans and her owner Froth,) and am feeling mighty proud of it.


Coffeebeans and Froth - The Trainer and The Trainee - Comic Strip of Training Cartoons by Shafali R. Anand and Creative Agni.

Click the Image above to View the Cartoon.

I hope you enjoy my attempt 🙂

Since I’ve started with the program, I’ve already learned to use almost all the menu-items, using text, graphics, and audio – along with styles and effects, become conversant with the slide timelines, using variables and creating advance actions. This week, we are creating a cool click and learn interaction using advance actions, and in the weeks to come, we’ll be mastering simulations, learning interactions, quizzes, responsive content and a lot of other interesting capabilities of Adobe Captivate.

I’d also like to thank everyone who is participating in the course. Thank you for your trust, your enthusiasm, and a personal thank you for being such fabulous group-mates. Looking forward to meeting you all again this Sunday.

– Shafali