4 Mental Exercises to Strengthen your Creativity

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Engage your Creativity through these 4 Methods


Creativity is a trait that most of us possess in abundance yet we go through our lives without realizing its full potential.

Here are four tips that could help you reach the creative potential within you.

1. Never let yourself forget that you are creative

Perhaps the most important of all the steps, this step enables you to stay in control. Anyone who tells you that creativity is something that can’t be called out at will hasn’t been speaking the truth. However, your creativity needs to be pampered. You need to remind yourself that you are creative, and the way you can accomplish this is to force yourself to come up with innovative solutions. For instance, if you are an instructional designer, you should attempt to design and visualize, even if you think you can’t. Your initial designs might be a little wobbly, but as your creativity loses its rust and begins to shine – your designs will become stronger and effective.

2. Equip yourself to record ideas – anytime, anyplace!

You should always be prepared to record your thoughts. While creativity can always be summoned, it’s at its best when it works unbidden. So, be prepared. All it requires is a tiny notepad and a pencil, or in the present times of e-revolution, an iPhone or another such device. So, record every idea of yours – even if it looks foolish at the time. Remember, nobody’s ever going to look into that notebook of yours. Expressing your idea in words and then locking it away to revive it at the right time, will buttress your creativity.

3. Open your mind – Read, Observe, and Record

A writer who wants to generate new ideas has to connect with her environment. A little event, which may appear inconsequential, can become that random grain of sand that is responsible for the birth of a pearl. It’s my belief (and I never fail to practice it,) that a writer has to train herself to assimilate information by connecting it to her own schema. When you come across a sequence of events, in the form of a book, a movie, or even in real-life, try to project yourself into the scene, pick up a role that you fancy, and attempt to visualize your own reactions. This will help you assimilate better.

4. Think beyond what you see

There’s always a story behind everything and everyone. When you meet someone, try to think about what they could’ve been doing before they met you. When you watch the news, think about the events that could’ve led to the event covered by the news-channel. When you look at a character in a movie, think about how you would have visualized the character. Keep your creativity on its toes. After some time, you’ll not have to force yourself to visualize, you’ll be visualizing, designing, and creating all the time 🙂

Try these four tips. You aren’t going to lose anything trying…are you?
So why not?!