An Enigma called the eLearning Project Manager

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What is the role of a Project Manager in an eLearning Company?

If you are an instructional designer, a graphic designer, or a programmer, you probably think that a Project Manager’s job is the cushiest of all. She (yes, a she – thanks to constructivism, which is at the bottom of all stereotyping,) saunters in when she wants to, goes into that cabin (or cubicle, in today’s era of constricted spaces,) checks her email, goes off for a meeting, returns when she wants to, calls a team-meeting, bosses around, pushes everyone for meeting impossible deadlines, and writes flamboyant emails to clients.

Oh yes, she does stay back for attending client-calls, but then who doesn’t stay back after work? So, what’s the big deal? She doesn’t do any real work – does she? She doesn’t write, draw, or code – does she?

Folks, let us see what she really does.

The eLearning Project Manager is the planner, scheduler, budget-manager, stress-buster, team-overhauler, fire fighter, and her team’s impenetrable armor, all rolled into one. Without a good Project Manager, everyone in the team would be pulling the project in different directions and no work will ever get done.

On a more serious notes, here are some of the tasks that an eLearning Project Manager is expected to perform.

  • Organize the most effective and efficient team possible, for the project.
  • Schedule and monitor the project’s timeline.
  • Iron out the crinkles and remove the bottlenecks that threaten to hinder the progress of a project.
  • Foresee project risks and mitigate them.
  • Manage client communication professionally.
  • Manage project budget to ensure cost effectiveness.
  • Fire Fight to manage unforeseen issues.
  • Motivate and inspire the project team.
  • Ensure quality content delivery through planning and implementation of project-appropriate review mechanisms and QA processes.

In other words, a Project Manager’s job is to ensure that the entire project’s machinery continues to work with a glitch so that her team could focus on doing their work without distractions.

Note:  If you are being left alone to focus on your work, your PM is doing a great job.