How to Design Effective Training Games?

Designing Training Games – The Challenges and the Rewards

(Train-the-Trainer Series)


Every good trainer knows that a single good training game can  salvage the most boring of training programs. However, what irks a trainer most is that it’s next to impossible to find a game that can boast of a holistic relevance to the training program. The absolutely right fit – the game of a trainer’s dreams is never there,  ready and ripe for the picking.  A game that fits everything – the audience profile, the content, the training format, and even the trainer’s personality is never available off the shelf; it has to be designed.

Designing Training Games – The Challenges and the Rewards” helps you understand what a game, especially a training game, is.  It also helps you differentiate a training game from the other types of training activities and enables you to identify the two core dimensions of a game – amusement and learning, and helps you orient your design capabilities towards the creation of a training game.

(This is the first article in this series. Others will follow.)