5-Tips for creating Storyboards without Losing your Mind.

Developing Storyboards for eLearning without losing your Mind
(Beating the Fixated ID Syndrome)


Here’s the scene.

You’ve just completed your storyboard. It took you 10 interminably long days to finish it – and it’s finally done. You should be on cloud nine. You should be planning your weekend. You should feel free. But you don’t. Instead, you are worried! Questions ricochet about in your head. Will the ID Reviewer find it okay? Will the client love it? Won’t the Graphic Designer bother me with his incessant phone calls? Won’t the programmer come thundering and start pounding on my desk, telling me how I’ve no idea of anything at all? What will happen now that I am done? And oh…all this may happen when I have already begun work on the next course!

And so your happiness of having successfully completed a 120-frame document transforms into an anxiety that continues to hound you for what seems to be forever.

Read “Developing Storyboards for eLearning without losing your Mind – Beating the Fixated ID Syndrome“, for five tips that could help you ensure your happiness and sanity after you are done with your storyboard.

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