Why Courses and Trainings Fail?

It isn’t uncommon for instructional designers and content developers to exist in a perpetually anxious state of mind. This happens because at any given point in time, one of their courses or training programs is either being reviewed by the client, or being implemented to their end-audience. The anxiety is natural, because the course or the training could result in an unexpected outcome.  However, this anxiety takes its toll in the long-run, and the toll is high. Yet this anxiety is avoidable, if only we analyzed why the success of a course or a training program has about as much probability of hitting the mark, as is the probability of a dice rolling up a shiny six.

The Theory and Practice of ID – The Gap (Why Courses and Trainings Fail)” puts its finger right where it hurts, and reviews the four main tasks that an ID does, to determine the root cause of such learning failures.