An Important Announcement coming up…Stay Tuned.

Dear Visitors,

I will be making a very important announcement shortly. The Creative Agni eZine notification will carry the announcement, so if you want the news to arrive in your inbox, please click the Subscribe link in the sidebar.

These two months have been extremely busy for me, but I expect the work-pressure to ease  a bit in the coming months. So, expect a short free workshop in the beginning of October. The pages for the  IDST course and the IDCD course have been updated with the new dates. It is not possible for me to accommodate participants at “the last moment” and the seats for every session are limited (primarily by my own schedule and how much time I have available, as I work very hard to help every course participant learn effectively.) So, I’d like to request the professionals who are interested in taking my programs, to contact me well in advance of the course commencement date.

That’s all for now. I need to return to work, but I promise to return with the announcement very soon 🙂

Best Wishes,