Next Session of IDCD in April + Other Matters.

ID Course Update and Other Thoughts:

The Instructional Design and Content Development (IDCD) Course:

The Jan session of IDCD is currently in progress. I intend to start the next session in April. If you are interested in taking the program with me, I recommend that you go through the details of the IDCD Course and send me an email. (The email id is given on the course page.)

Most of the details that you need are provided on the page and they’ll help you determine if the course can help you achieve your goals. If you think it can, you are welcome to email me. Asking me questions that are already answered on the course page doesn’t help, so please read the page and its content carefully. I am keen on accepting participants who know why they want to take this course and are willing to work hard, because the course requires that the participants spend time and effort on honing the skills they’ve set out to acquire and polish.

The Creative Agni eZine – Future Direction

If you enjoy reading my posts and articles, I’d like to give you a peek into what I’ll be writing about this year. The topics that intend to cover range from Instructional Design, Cognitive Psychology, eLearning, mobile-learning, gamification of learning and training, to storytelling for learning. I plan to focus on mobile and online content delivery.

The CA eZine notification mailer will resume in a couple of months, so subscribe for it if you haven’t done so already.

Once again, thank you everyone for sticking with me through the last two years by way of your emails, subscriptions, and good wishes. I value your support.