Announcement: Rapid elearning Development with Adobe Captivate (REDAC) Certificate Course

Creative Agni's Certificate Course - Rapid elearning Development with Adobe Captivate.

REDAC (Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate) Certificate Course.

I’m happy to announce the much awaited Adobe Captivate course by Creative Agni. This course is for Trainers, Content Writers, Content Developers, Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts, and other professionals engaged in eLearning content development or repurposing of existing content, and who are required to work on Adobe Captivate for Rapid Authoring of eLearning content.

Creative Agni’s REDAC (Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate) Certificate Course is designed to ensure that the content professionals who take this program become independently capable of developing and delivering content to their audience.They would become at home with the Adobe Captivate interface and would know exactly how to use the capabilities of the software to deliver impactful content. For those who already are working as Instructional Designers, Content Developers, or Trainers, this course would lead them toward developmental freedom and enable them to explore such opportunities that require rapid authoring capabiltiies.

Visit the course page to read the details. If the course and the possibilities that it opens up interest you, then write to me on the email id mentioned on the page. You can also read “Demystifying Rapid Authoring or Rapid eLearning Development” to get a general idea of the concept.