“MPs ki Loot” – A Desi Game of Political Dharpakad on Google Play.

The title made you wonder…right?

Yes, this post is mine too. Now if you are past the initial shock…read on…because…

Elections ke chalte, Partiyon mein pad gayi hai Phoot; Mach gayi hai MPs ki Loot!

“MPs ki Loot – Net the Netas” can be downloaded on Google Play.

This game was launched early this morning to welcome the first phase of elections.


In this game of Indian politics, take control of India’s destiny, and be the King-Maker!

Make the government of your choice by “netting” 273 or more  MPs for your party. The opposition is ready to lapko any MPs that you miss. Your job is simple – throw nets and pakdo as many MPs as you can and bring them into your party, because a strong government is desh-hit ki sarkar.

In this game of political dhar-pakad, blast away gangs of Jaal-Chors, win the influential Taujis over, amass wealth, get super net-spells and feel power ka nasha…and while you are busy doing all this political hera-pheri, snack away on chai, samosa, and laddoo. Enjoy it all in Indian hawa-pani with desi jubani.

MPs ki Loot has a simple but catchy gameplay peppered with sound-effects and dialogs that are truly desi. As you net your netas so that they join your party, you live and feel India.

MPs ki Loot - A Game of Indian politics on Google Play.

So if you own an Android phone, take a break, download “MPs ki Loot” and let the election spirit possess you.

My connection?

Just download the game and check the CREDITs 🙂