Why Soft Skills Training is Different? Krathwohl’s Taxonomy Explains.

Rational thought that requires that we process facts and information using logical thinking belongs in the cognitive realm. Most trainings require that we impart a cogntive/psychomotor skill to the learner. Bloom’s taxonomy (or the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy) handles the cognitive domain quite well.

Emotions and feelings however, are a different ball game. They defy, even bypass, logical thinking. This is why a different taxonomy is required to handle learning in the affective domain.

Krathwohl’s 5-level taxonomy makes it clear why short-term one-shot capsule programs seldom work for affective domain programs, such as the ones dealing with habit-formation, attitude-building, temper-control, creativity, emotional intelligence, etc.

Krathwohl’s Taxonomy for the Affective Domain and the Inverted Pyramid,” explains the taxonomy in more detail. Check it out.