The IDEAL – Topic: Constructivism

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sloth and froth discuss - assimilation, accommodation, constructivism, instructional design

Constructivism, a theory by Jean Piaget, explains the process of learning as a highly personalized experience, in which a learner forms or constructs one’s own interpretations of any new event, which are based on prior experiences.
According to Constructivism, you learn anything new either through

  1. assimilation – adding the new information to the existing schema (when the new information agrees with your existing knowledge) or through
  2. accommodation – modifying the existing schema (realizing that the existing knowledge wasn’t right, and hence correcting your prior notions).

Reflection Question:
How can an instructional designer use this knowledge of the two processes, assimilation and accommodation, to improve the effectiveness of eLearning courses and/or training programs?