The Creators of an eLearning Course

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In my previous post “The Anatomy of eLearning“, we discussed the elements of an eLearning course. It isn’t difficult to arrive at a conclusion that one person can’t create all the elements. In the last two decades, I haven’t come across anyone who could do all the things and create even a passable imitation of an eLearning course. Though I don’t deny the possibility that there might be an exceptionally talented man or woman who could whip up a complete eLearning module on his or her own, I must say that in almost all cases barring the improbable exception, eLearning is developed through team work.

So the question is – who are the people that engage in eLearning content creation?

Well…a quick count tells me that generally the following eight people are the essential members of a content design and development team if they were to complete an eLearning project successfully.

  1. Project Manager
  2. Instructional Designer
  3. Subject Matter Expert
  4. ID Reviewer
  5. Editor
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Programmer
  8. Tester

We will look at the role played by each of these indispensables, in a series of posts that will follow.

And yes… before you begin to wonder why the Audience, the Client, and the Marketing people aren’t in this list – I should reiterate that I speak only of the Design and Development phases of ADDIE 🙂