Damocles to Dionysus – How Instructional Design helps the Trainers?

Most trainers have excellent…almost magnetic personalities. They look confident, they speak well, and they have the ability to lead their training groups into great learning experiences. These competencies  however are behavioral and have been developed through years of practice.  As any good trainer has developed these competencies over many years and they all are quite good at what they do,  differentiation between trainers becomes a function of their ability to keep up with change and deliver programs that are fresh, interesting, and relevant. With the Damocles sword of continuous change hanging over their heads, even the best of trainers worry about the efficacy of their training programs.

Read “Training and Instructional Design – Damocles to Dionysus” and find out how you could stop being Damocles by transforming yourself into Dionysus who didn’t fear the sword that hung over his neck.