Using Instructional Storytelling Storytelling for Soft-skills, Conceptual, and Technical Trainings

The battle-lines between creativity and practicality never fade, yet some instructional designers and trainers make the effort to bring creativity into the domain of teaching and training. They use various techniques to make learning more palatable and also more effective. One of these techniques is Instructional Storytelling.

Through his Daily Kick in the Pants, David Wolverton (who writes fantasy and sci-fi under the pseudonym David Farland) got me thinking about how instructional storytelling could be made easier to use. The apprehension that’s often voiced in view of using storytelling as a vehicle for learning is – can it address all kinds of content? And then the questions – where do we start? Is there a framework that can get us going?

I’ll present the framework to you in one of my upcoming articles, but here are my thoughts on the apprehension that some of us experience. Can my kind of content use instructional storytelling?

I hope the following article will provide some answers 🙂

Storytelling and Instructional Design (Explore the Creative Connection between Providing, Guiding, and Reinforcing Learning.)

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