Trainers & eLearning – A Troubled Romance?


First of all, a huge Thank You for thinking about me and my training programs. I want to tell everyone that whenever the courses return, you’ll find the announcement emblazoned on this site – All you need to do is stop here once in a while and check.

Let us now talk about more relevant matters and discuss certain important topics.

I recently conducted a three-day corporate workshop on Instructional Design for a brilliant group of trainers. They were masters of classroom trainings and quite impressed by eLearning. Yet they worried about its execution…at lot.

I speak on their behalf.

In the style followed by most news channels and soaps of today – we must ask ourselves this.

  1. Will a trainer’s tryst with eLearning bloom into a lasting romance and then culminate into a lifelong commitment?
  2. Will the trainer be able to tame the fears that make him/her shut his/her heart to eLearning? and finally…
  3. What challenges with the trainer face in his quest of eLearning?

Click the following link to find out 🙂

The Trainer & The eLearning Adventure