Announcing the New Sessions of IDCD, IDST, and REDAC Courses.

I’m glad to announce the new sessions of the IDCD, IDST, and REDAC courses. They all begin in July. Please visit the pages to read the details of the courses. If you are interested in exploring them please enquire by sending me an email.

1. The IDCD (Instructional Design and Content Development) Course (Course Starts: July 15, 2018, for this session email me before June 17, 2018.)

2. The IDST (Instructional Design for Senior Professionals and Trainers) Course (Course Starts: July 22, 2018, for this session email me before June 24, 2018.)

3. The REDAC (Rapid eLearning Development using Adobe Captivate) Course (Course Starts: July 29, 2018, for this session please email me before June 24, 2018.)

I’ll also be conducting a Free Primer Workshop on ID, Training, and Rapid Authoring on June 24th, for which I’ll be making another post.