The eLearning-scape: Will AR and VR define the Future of eLearning?

Augmented Reality or AR along with its cousin Virtual Reality is quickly turning into an “Actual” Reality for the content-creators of the world. I believe that while VR is set to sweep the world of entertainment and art, AR is going to change the landscape of elearning.

The article “Augmented Reality and its Application in Learning” has the following sections.

  1. Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality
  2. Some AR Examples that help cover the whole spectrum of Augmentation
  3. Augmented Reality – A Closer Look
  4. Augmented Reality and Learning
  5. AR-Enabled Learning/Just-in-Time Information – A Closer Look
  6. The Heady Mix of Augmented Reality and Instructional Design
  7. The AR Technology (and the Concluding Note.)

This article is laden with information and includes a bunch of links that you should explore.

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