The Creative Lounge: Emotional Intelligence Saves Creativity – The IRON Method

Creativity and Emotions are inseparable and there’s a strong possibility that they may be directly proportional, and yet, we know that an over-abundance of emotions can lead us into darkness. The problem with this whole creativity-emotions nexus is that if we suppress emotions or render ourselves un-emotional, we could be murdering our creativity while if we don’t contain or control our emotions – they’d run wild and we wouldn’t be able to harness and channel them into our creative expression. And yet that’s just one part of the story. Emotions can play havoc with our lives – filling it with misery and despair.

It’s a catch-22, you see.

So what does a creative person do, when she’s faced with this dilemma? If she’s got any sense (read – gray matter,) she’d control her emotions. This could lead to the death of the connections that exist between her creative expression and emotions (I call them the creative connections.)

The IRON method helps. Through this four-step method, one can identify the right triggers and connections, repair them, open them up gradually, and nurture them until they are strong enough to channel your emotions into your creative expression.

Read about it in the article “How Emotional Intelligence Saves Creativity – The IRON Method” and discover how you can Identify, Repair, Open, and Nurture the Creative Connections between your Creative Expressions and your Emotions.

Note: the acronym IRON happened accidentally, but I like it because it sounds relevant and helps me remember.