Announcing the Free Emotional Intelligence Primer (EIP) Workshop on October 13th, Sunday.

I’ve been meaning to conduct this workshop for a long time, but designing a workshop, for me has always been a labor of love. A workshop, small or big, requires that we gauge a learning need and then fulfill it in the best possible manner.

After spending almost two decades and a half experiencing life as an adult, I’ve come to the conclusion that Emotional Intelligence is the key that opens the doors of personal as well as professional success.

During these years, I’ve read and applied the concepts of Emotional Intelligence in my life and work, and I’ve seen myself change and transform for the better. I know that when we harness our emotions and put them to work for what’s right for us, we win – and we can do it only when understand what this particular intelligence is and how it can be managed.

This Emotional Intelligence workshop:

  • introduces you to EI or Emotional Intelligence,
  • provides the scientific explanation of EI,
  • explains the 5 skills of EI,
  • helps you identify your strong and weak EI skills


Infographics - Emotional Intelligence Primer - What it EI?

If you’d like to be a part of this workshop, please visit the workshop page and register for it.