Your Success is the Sum of 3 Essential Virtues.

Success in any venture, small or big, humble or magnificent, rests on three main human virtues. Each of these three virtues have a distinct part to play in building your fortune. Fortunately, we all are endowed with these three virtues; unfortunately, most of us don’t have them in the right measure. Worse still, we are often ignorant of the fact that we may be experiencing failure because one or more of these three virtues is failing us.

Long ago I had written a short post about Courage and Knowledge on my Zen of Learning blog. Yesterday, in the IDCD session, while handing out an assignment, I was reminded of that archaic post, and when I checked it out I was appalled by it. That post barely skims the surface of this thought, and neglects to mention wisdom altogether. Perhaps because between then and now, life has taught me a few more things and left me wiser, I could see the missing virtue and realize how important it really is,

and so…

I wrote an article on linkedIn. the article tells you three short (very short) stories and helps you see how the absence of even one of the three virtues could lead us to failure.

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Three Essential Virtues and Success

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