Announcing the Fall Sessions of our Online Instructional Design Certificate Courses.

We are hopeful that the worst of this pandemic is behind us now. As I look out of my office window, I can’t help but think that nature is now smiling benevolently upon us.

This is the time to review our priorities and settle down into a learning experience that would change where we work and how. It’s also the is time to check out the new dates for Creative Agni’s courses and training programs.

Creative Agni's IDCD and IDST Online Courses - How to Choose

Here are the links for you…and if you want to apply, please don’t wait until the last date. If we find the right participants earlier, the admissions may close before the mentioned date.

Here are the links.

The Instructional Design & Content Development Online (IDCD) Certificate Course.


IDCD Online Certificate Course


Instructional Design for Senior-professionals and Trainers (IDST) Certificate Course.


Instructional Design for Senior Professionals and Trainers Online Certificate Course


How to choose between the IDCD and the IDST Course?

It’s quite simple really.

The IDCD or the Instructional Design and Content Development Course:

If you want to learn Instructional Design along with the skill of storyboarding for eLearning – send in your application for the IDCD Course. There’s a possibility that you are a trainer wanting to move into eLearning. If so, you should still send in your application for IDCD Online, stating your career goals clearly in your application. This course will ensure that you master Instructional Design along with storyboarding. We peg the course as an Advanced Level “ID and Storyboarding” course.

The IDST or the Instructional Design for Senior Professional and Trainers Course:

If you want to learn Instructional Design to create better training programs or to manage elearning and training teams better – go for the IDST course.

If you are an eLearning professional: This course assumes that if you have been working in eLearning development for a while, you’ve done your share of storyboarding, and you don’t need to go through its rigors once again – so it doesn’t put you through storyboarding.

If you are a training professional: This course assumes that you’ve been in the classroom for a while and don’t need us to tell you how you should be “conducting” your training programs. It focuses on using ID for designing content, reviewing it, and guiding your teams through it. We peg the course as an Advance Level “ID and Training” Course.

The ID concepts covered in both the courses are almost the same, but the assignments and the projects are geared toward two different audience groups.

Both these courses assume that you know nothing of instructional design, but the IDST course assumes that you know something of training or elearning or learning. That brings us to the question that if someone has been doing training/elearning/learning, then how is it that they might not know instructional design. Well, it happens – and Creative Agni understands the limitations of the practical world. We don’t question it. We have handled this by designing our courses in a manner that they don’t require any prior (formal?) knowledge of ID.

If you are still wondering, leave it to us.

You send in your application for the course that you think suits you the best. If we review it and think that you should be in a different course, we will connect with you and guide you.

Our attempt is to ensure that you take the course that best matches your learner profile and objectives, because we believe in ensuring an excellent learning experience for you.

Read the views of our past course participants here.


Credits: Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash