Winning the Microlearning War – My Article on LinkedIn

5 Instructional Weapons to Win the Microlearning War,” is an article I’ve written on LinkedIn. If you are flummoxed by the idea of tiny learning nuggets being effective, you must head over to this article on linked in and read it.

This article will first introduce the concept of microlearning, help you understand why your micro-content must compete with every other kind of content out there, and present the persona of your audience, the micro-learner to you.

You will realize that the micro-learner has three avatars: the scout, the assessor, and the ambassador and learn the 5 instructional methods that will enable you to create effective microlearning content.

Here’s an infographic from the article. You are welcome to download and share it.

Read the Full Article on linkedIn.

An infographic on how to make microlearning effective through the use of instructional design.

I believe that in near future, microlearning will become one of the important ways of imparting learning. Ignoring it or thinking of it as a passing fad could be dangerous for the content creators.

More on this soon.

You are also welcome to download the detailed PDF of this article to read later, post, or share with your colleagues and friends.